Partel revolutionises ECO membranes with a new product launch

Partel revolutionises ECO membranes with a new product launch

We are excited to announce the official launch of our two new paper-based ECO membrane products:

  1. IZOPERM Plus ECO – a paper-based sustainable vapour control layer membrane &
  2. VARA Plus ECO – a paper-based smart ecological vapour control layer membrane.

They promote the eco-responsible and environmentally conscious methods of construction with a solid focus on facilitating a lower environmental impact in buildings. Providing a solution for internal applications, improving internal air quality and ensuring optimum protection against humidity in the building structure & heat loss through thermal insulation.

These products were developed to enhance the sustainable features of our well known VCL membranes in the VARA and IZOPERM brands. They offer exceptional vapour control capabilities, ensuring optimal indoor climate control and energy efficiency.

We are also currently in the process of supporting the ecological credentials of their two new membrane products with Environmental Product Declaration Document reports, more commonly known as ‘EPD’s’. These reports will provide important data about the environmental impact of specific building materials at each stage of the product life cycle, taking into consideration important aspects of the production, construction, end of life and the potential for reuse, recovery and recycling. Creating a convenient comparator for similar products, EPD’s highlight the most efficient and sustainable features. This data can also provide support towards building level assessments or building evaluation schemes and will be available in due course.

By choosing these new Eco Paper Membranes, architects, contractors & builders contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.


IZOPERM PLUS ECO is an ecological paper-based vapour control layer that’s built to last.

It is composed of up to 60% renewable FSC paper, contributing to healthier buildings. Containing a 3-layer fabric mesh reinforcement for high tear-resistance, this strong VCL membrane delivers the reliability factors of airtightness and moisture management to the internal building envelope.

It is compliant to the latest building standards in order to meet the most stringent energy efficiency requirements of GEV construction, IZOPERM PLUS ECO has been accredited to international standards with the Ecolabel Emicode EC1 PLUS award. Driving sustainability for reduced carbon emissions where it is primarily used on internal walls, ceilings, and floors, it prevents heat loss with an impressive SD value of 20m for achieving optimal thermal insulation. IZOPERM PLUS ECO is designed to be compatible with all conventional building systems and insulations.

Click here to learn more about IZOPERM PLUS ECO.


VARA PLUS ECO is a ground-breaking smart ecological vapour control layer, responsibly developed by Partel. This sustainable product is paper based, consisting of up to 62% of renewable FSC paper – for lower carbon emissions in buildings. Designed for maintaining the optimum airtightness in the building envelope, this quality environmentally conscious product ensures active moisture control with its hygro-variable technology in the most demanding of conditions, it can be utilised as an inner airtight membrane and as a vapour control layer for externally vapour open build-ups, ensuring compatibility with all conventional insulations.

Vara Plus ECO features a humidity variable vapour barrier with an impressive Sd Value of 0.4 – 35, and Water Resistance Class W1 (EN 1928), it changes permeability according to the ambient relative humidity (RH) – contributing to the protection of building structures against moisture and drying of the structure all year round by providing optimum protection that is proven most effective in harsh summer & difficult winter conditions.

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“I am proud to introduce our groundbreaking ECO membrane products, IZOPERM Plus ECO and VARA Plus ECO.”, said Hugh Whiriskey, CEO of Partel. “These innovative paper-based solutions not only redefine sustainability in construction but also enhance building performance. With up to 60% renewable FSC paper, these membranes offer eco-responsible construction methods while ensuring optimal indoor climate control and energy efficiency.”

Hugh added that “By choosing these Eco Paper Membranes, architects, contractors, and builders are not just constructing; they are actively shaping a more sustainable future, characterised by a lower carbon footprint and resilient structures”.

Partel is committed to evolving the industry with eco-conscious alternative solutions that protect both our environment and our buildings.