About Us

The company's objective to provide quality, advanced technical solutions and specific materials for the building sector came from a passion for passive construction and architecture.

A vision inspired by the determination of Hugh Whiriskey, who in 2011 saw a growth in the Passive House building sector, a market with limited suppliers and an opportunity to provide more specialized and innovative technical products for the low-energy sector, founded the company.

Today, Partel produces and supplies high-performance technological solutions in helping to create more efficient, sustainable residential and commercial buildings.

Established in the West of Ireland, the company has experienced quick and healthy growth. Currently, Partel has a presence in 4 regions: Ireland, UK, North America, and recently mainland Europe.

The company provides a wide range of Airtight and Windtight Systems for the green building sector. VARA, IZOPERM, EXOPERM, ALMA-T, CONIZO and CONEXO are some of the most known brands used extensively in the construction sector. These include amongst others monolithic breathable membranes, airtight and wind tight tapes, thermal bridging solutions and adhesives that enhance energy efficiency. 

In 2013 Partel became the exclusive supplier of LUNOS in both Ireland and the UK. Lunos is currently the worldwide market leader in providing decentralized ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings.

With the current level of energy consumption and the rate at which it will continue to increase over the next decade, we must move towards a more energy efficient, smarter build. The key is efficiency - Save energy. Build Smart. In order to obtain and maintain efficiency, we must generate less energy and for the energy that we do consume, we must do so more intelligently.

We at Partel, continue to expand our portfolio with innovative systems that encourage and transform the green building industry.

"Technical excellence is at the core of our product development, we support innovation with a dedicated focus not only on sustainability but also on performance." - Hugh Whiriskey, Director and Founder, Partel