CPD and Training

Our dedicated team at Partel are passionate about innovation and sustainability and have vast expertise across all areas of engineering, architecture and building physics. Being one of the leading companies in the green building sector we wish to encourage and educate trade professionals in low energy building as well as promoting further growth in the move towards energy efficient smart building.

In addition to providing tailored technical advice, WUFI risk analysis and onsite inspections we have for the past 8 years provided a variety of CPD courses and seminars on the issue of green building practices.

If you are eager to upskill on the key issues, procedures, and application methods in the areas of airtightness, windtightness, ventilation and thermal bridging, these courses are available and open to all – architects, engineers, building consultants, tradesmen, installers and homeowners.

For further information please see below our training available.


Duration: 1 day
Time: 9:00am to 16:30pm
Cost: €0 (10+ participants required)



  • Overview of Insulation properties, including U, R and K Values.
  • Insulation advantages and disadvantages along with all environmental impacts.
  • Natural Insulations and Responsible specification

Airtightness and its execution on site

  • Introduction to Airtightness
  • Airtightness & Building Regulations
  • Condensation dangers and their impacts
  • Ventilation considerations
  • Intelligent moisture management
  • Conventional Details for Irish Construction
  • Material specifications for specific Airtightness applications
  • Questions and answers

Windtightness and its execution on site

  • Introduction to Windtightness
  • Condensation dangers and their impacts
  • Ventilation considerations and cross Battening
  • Types of Windtight barriers advantages and disadvantages
  • Conventional Details for Irish Construction
  • Questions and answers

Hands on Practical Application and Demonstrations

  • Insulation demonstrations for roofs, walls and floors
  • Practical Air-tightness installation with PARTEL airtightness membranes
  • Practical Airtightness to windows and membrane penetrations with PARTEL window tapes
  • Practical Windtightness installation with PARTEL Windtightness membranes and Tapes
  • Summary/Questions and answers

Course Certification

To join our training program contact Partel on 888 487 1012 or email contact@partel.com

Booking Details

Certification: PARTEL Certification, certificate of attendance & Completion CPD available on completion

*Each participant will receive a sample pack with product samples and informational brochures.