About Us

Want better quality, natural, ecological building materials?

Do you want your dwelling to have better quality air?

Want to work with a company that puts 'you' and the building fabric first?

Welcome to Partel - passive building supplies and much more. We are located in Galway and have a background in Engineering, Architecture and house building. We have launched a range of natural and ecological insulation, ventilation, and airtightness systems to the Irish market, aimed specifically at the low energy building sector. The company was founded by Hugh Whiriskey in 2011.

Partel is the exclusive Irish and UK agent for the Ampack range of airtightness, wind-tightness, and building protection products. Ampack was founded in 1946 and is one of Europe’s most established specialist membrane and tape manufacturers. "Our Ampack products offer a complete building protection system, from radon membranes to airtight membranes, tapes, adhesives, and wind-tight membranes, and Ampack's unique 10 year guarantee ensures customers confidence in our range" said Hugh Whiriskey.

Partel also supplies the Lunos range of humidity activated decentralised ventilation systems. This range includes the award winning Lunos e2, one of the smallest heat recovery ventilation units in the world. The Lunos e2 system is not only duct free but  can be used in both new and retrofit construction.

In addition, Partel offers the Schneider range of woodfibre insulation. "Schneider woodfibre is produced in one of the most modern factories in the world; the quality of the products is unparalleled," Whiriskey said. "They amazingly have a zero waste production plant." He explained that the woodfibre itself is produced from the by-products of timber production and that the waste from the insulation manufacturing process produces biomass that is then burned to power the plant (the equivalent of a population of 24 million).

Partel have also partnered with Epasit to bring the Epatherm range of calcium silicate insulation boards for use primarily in older buildings. Partel will launch its in-roof solar PV tiles in early September.

Whiriskey said that "As an Engineer with 15 years experience in construction I have found that there is a demand for higher quality building products, and that the focus will continue to move towards natural and sustainable products". "We offer customised technical sales and provide support on all of our products from specification advice, WUFI analysis, training, and onsite inspections. We believe we have a lot to offer to the modern builder.

In addition to low energy buildings we have a number of Passivhaus and Enerphit projects on our books which we believe is a reflection of the quality of our products and  services".