CONPRESeal 3V BG1 Tape

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Multi-functional tape

Passive House Compliant Moisture Variable

Why Partel 3V BG1?

  • Highly innovative tape
  • Provide an excellent thermal, sound, air and rain barrier
  • Very easy to use
  • Their “moisture-adapting” membranes ensure that the joint can dry out all year
  • Can be used in any weather conditions due to the protection layer
  • Driving rain & airtight
  • Breathable tape
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • Very low emissions
  • DIN 18542:2009 certified
  • Triple-Layer Joint Sealing System ensures tested joint sealing of windows suitable for all kind of buildings including Passive Houses in order to reduce energy costs and provides long-term performance and reliability of the sealed joint

Allows for movements of building components – e.g. linked to temperature changes.


  • Ideal for easy and reliable sealing of windows and doors for wood construction, prefabricated construction masonry, framework construction and concrete construction
  • After the installation, the polyurethane soft foam expands in the joint and provides a durable joint sealing and an optimal vapour management


  • 64mm x 14.1m / Joint width 6-15mm (2-1/2’‘ x 46' 3/8" / Joint ¼“-5/8“)